hey lovely hearters! i am back with a brand new article based on all about the skincare myths we all believe in but we shouldn't'!!

also it's been a while since i posted a new article on here so i wanna apologize for that~~ from now on i'll be posting more articles so stay tuned for that ♡♡ now, without further a do let's start busting these skincare myths -----

🐝 › coconut oil is the best thing ever
if you all still believe that using coconut oil can make your skin anazing then believe me it does not. i know tgere are certain good uses of coconut oil but this dosen't means that it can be used for your skin. coconut oil weighs down your hair, causes build up and clog pores.

🌿 › oily skin does not need mosturizer
now i know it may sound familiar to you, but this is just another myth we all believe in. oily skin do require mosturizer applied in light layers, cause if you have oily skin then this dosen't mean that yoyr skin is hydrated and you gotta use mosturizer for that purpose.

🌊 › using acne products to achieve clear skin
acne products only drys out your skin causing excess oil. it also only dries out pimples but never targets the real inflammations underneath the skin. after a while, acne products don't work. acbe products also make your skin depebdent on them and that is how big companies make their money.

💕 › using toothpaste to get rid of acne
toothpaste will cause chemical burns on your face and it isn't worth risking inrrepareable harm. even having them on your skin damazes your skin cells drasitically. you shouldn't be doing it especially if you have sensitive type of skin.

🍡 › using a physical exfoliant like sugar scrub
physical exfoliants leave micro tears in the skin that can cause acne to spread and can cause infections. so i recommend buying a exfoliater in place of making one for yourself.

🍥 › you don't need a toner
back in the day, toners were used to maintain and adjust the ph balance of the skin, but nowadays toners have many purposes. some use it for cleansing the skin and other for mosturizing it. but it's a key in glowing up your skin.

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