Explain the meaning of your name

First let me introduce myself, I am a girl with a unisex Italian name (that is usually used for boys) even though I do not have Italian origins.

My name is Luca.
It is derived from the name Lucifer which was given in biblical times to whom we know today as Satan.
Lucifer was the most glorious angel and was the highest regarded angel in God's many angels and he was God's most beautiful and He entrusted Lucifer the most out of all of his angels.
Lucifer then rebeled against the will of God and was punished and was thrown of heaven which resulted in him and his followers to become fallen angels and Lucifer became the Ruler of Hell.

Lucifer means the "Bringer of Light" or "Morning Star".

So because my name , Luca, is derived from the name Lucifer the meanings are quite similar.
My name means "Bright and Beautiful" or "Creator of Light."

I hope you enjoyed this description and explanation of the meaning of my name.
Thank you for reading!