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I'm a French student and do a degree in English literature.
I work damn hard, but as it is not obligatory to go to certain classes
-except when you have tests- when you work better on your own.
But because of this, a lot of teachers think you don't come to class because you don't want to work AND I observed that because of this they correct your tests meanly especially when you add new informations they knew nothing about and instead of valuing your knowdeldge, they bash it or just ignore it -I imagine it's easier for them as they don't have to make sure what you made them learned is true, yeah, because they don't want to have homeworks to do-. Teachers don't want to make you learn something, they just give you lessons and don't care about your hardwork as they already are graduated and paid to come to university they don't care if they do shit. Or, there are presentations every week so that the students make lessons and the teachers don't work.

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I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels bad about the educational system. But it's so annoying and hard to see some people succeeding when they never work, or just learn everything 2 days before exams and even if they had bad grades, they still succeed, and you, you work damn hard for nothing. And protesting doesn't help, it does nothing actually.

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If you're reading this and you are a pupil or student, I wish you the best and hope you will succeed in everything and will fight back because the educational system sucks -like the world itself yeah- and things will never be easy -except when you're privileged, I'm aware too-.

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The only things good in University are friends, events and parties because it helps to release stress so much...

I'll still work damn hard even if it makes me want to cry sometimes because of the deception I receive with 95% of my teachers, I promise myself that I'll be successful even if I have to work even more!

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