i've seen many humans doing it so i said why not ?

+ here is my actual playlist +

~ nct u without u ~

aesthetic, album, and album cover image
Another bop coming from Yoo YoungJin, one of my favourite composer. This song has a feeling that I've never seen in any other song. From the beat to the lyrics, everything is unique and great !

~ jehwi dear moon ~

aesthetic, album, and album cover image
My Mister is one of my favourite drama of all time, not only the the cast and the quality of the production is good but also the all the OST ! Dear Moon is my favourite one because of the sad lyrics written by IU, the unique melody which makes you think you're into another world, and the amazing singing of Jehwi ... which sounds amazing when he is hitting high notes.

~ jung seunghwan the snowman ~

aesthetic, album, and album cover image
Another song that I fell in love with at the first listen. Beautiful lyrics, once again written by IU, matched with a sweet melody and Jung SeungHwan's deep voice gives us, of course an excellent result.

~ akmu be with you ~

scarlet heart, drama, and kpop image
The perfect spring and summer song. Their voices are sooo sweet ! Moon Lovers' OST are all masterpieces, you should check them :)

My playlist is quite short, I know but I'll probably make another one.
Excuse me for the mistakes, English isn't my first language :)
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