fav lyrics off my fav new album

💦 (fuck a) silver lining

cause only gold is hot enough, hot enough
aesthetic and summer image aesthetic, fashion, and style image

💦 say amen (saturday night)

there's nothing else there for me at my door
all the people i know aren't who they used to be
hair and hairstyle image breaking bad, girl, and grunge image

💦 hey look ma, i made it

everything's comin' up aces, aces
and if it's a dream don't wake me, don't wake me
cyber, ghetto, and glam image theme, aesthetic, and mirror image

💦 high hopes

mama said
fulfill the prophecy
be something great
go make a legacy
alternative, eye, and girl image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image

💦 roaring 20s

my tell-tale heart's a hammer in my chest
cut me a silk-tied tourniquet
home, lady, and living room image cake and food image

💦 dancing's not a crime

cause i just wanna be your boyfriend/girlfried, oh yeah
i just wanna be your boyfriend/girlfriend, oh yeah
freckles, eyes, and tumblr image aesthetic, tumblr, and alternative image

💦 one of the drunks

every weekend with your friends
every weekday when it ends
aesthetic image girl girly lady, alternative vintage, and boy couples couple image

💦 the overpass

everything about you is perfect
down to your blood type
girl, aesthetic, and vintage image indie, shoes, and grunge image

💦 king of the clouds

i don't trust anything
or anyone, below the sun
hair, girl, and pink image rose, flowers, and pink image

💦 old fashioned

remember your youth, in all that you do
the plank and the passion
they were the best of times, they were the best of times
lips, glitter, and pink image girl, cute, and love image

💦 dying in LA

every face along the boulevard
is a dreamer just like you
you looked at death in a tarot card
and saw what you had to do
red, boots, and vintage image car, red, and aesthetic image