what is the hardest thing you have ever experienced?

This is a bit more personally and its really hard to talk about it, but I should be proud of all of this.

The last two years, 2016-2017, I went through a lot of dark things and I fell in a dark hole. I didn't went to school and I didn't saw my friends for a long time. My anxiety got worse and I was just done with everything.

In January 2017 I told my mom, like everything. She knew that something was wrog but she didn't knew it was this worse.
I know, you think this was the hardest, but tbh the time after that was.

We seached for help and in February i got clinical help. I lived two fricking months on a station in a hospital. It was just the worse. I hadn't my phone on me for 2 months and I just saw my parents on the weekend for a few hours. At the begining it was living hell, but after a time I got to know the other kids there. They maked everyting better tbh. Thanks to them, really.

But the hardest part of all of that, was opening up. I never had a therapist in my whole life and my social anxiety hitted me like 24/7. I needed like 2 or 3 weeks to get warm with the doctors and stuff. It wasn't that hard to talk, but it was hella hard to discribe all of it. But I had the luck to have a very nice and understanding therapist who was my doctor too.

the moral of the story, I'm now better than ever and it really helped. It was hard work, but it was it worth.


If you ever struggled with some issues or things like that, you can always talk to me. Or talk to a close friend, a family member, a teacher you really trust or your doctor.
You are not alone!

If you need any help and you wanna talk:

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Thanks for reading, goodbye my loves! xx