Because i do.
It s when you are in the middle of a room filled with your family members,parents,brothers,sisters all talking,joking and laughing and your nieces are running and playing around.
Everybody is having fun.
Except for you.
Except for you who feels like you are not even in the same room with those people,but in another room watching from far.
It s when you are with your girl friends who are talking about girly stuff like love and boys and you realize that you can never be like them;Falling in love tens of times a month and jumping from a boy to a boy without a care,because of how extra complicated you are.Because of how abnormal you are.
It s that moment when you remember you never dated,you never fall in love and you never will.
It s when you cannot maintain an eye contact with a boy that you are actually attracted to ,and it s when you can never say yes to a boy because the minute they show interest in you,you lose attraction.It s like they should not like you for you to like them back.
It s when you cannot keep up with a simple conversation with someone.You are constantly thinking "what to say back?what to say back?
Because you are a social freak.
it s when you realize that you are 18 years old and you are not living your life like a normal teen.
So do you ever feel weird?
Because sure i do.