Hi everyone! here we go for the second oc of constellation kids. You can find Stan's aesthetic and the story aesthetic here:

(sorry for my english btw)

Stan is tall, has brown and curly hair. He has a tattoo on his arm, that he got when he was drunk.

boy, cigarette, and dark image grunge, smile, and happy image Image by هناشيه nat wolff, stuck in love, and movie image

Stan is a typical bad boy and fuck boy. He loves being the center of attention and hearing his name in every mouth.

funny, lol, and me image grunge and concert image boy, grunge, and beer image detention, escuela, and shcool image

Stan never talks about his family, because he's ashamed. He's ashamed of being the messed up brother and son. He's ashamed of being the best of vodka shots, but always the worst in maths, or english. He's ashamed to come home with a bleeding nose because he got in a fight again and his parents and brothers look at him like he's already fucked up and they can't do anything to help him.

grunge image aesthetic, boy, and broken image xavier dolan and boy image aesthetic, peter parker, and spiderman image

Stan has always the best plans. He does the best parties and everyone agree to say that if he's not here, then it's not a real party. He only wants to have fun ad nothing else matter. He was a child who didn't want to grow up, now he's eighteen and of course he didn't grow up. And his friends are fine with it, because Stan wouldn't be Stan if he was serious and mature.

alcohol, cigar, and drink image Image by xzozeboo Image by αทαťҽɾɾα Inspiring Image on We Heart It

Stan has feelings issues. He gets mad and violent very fast, and he prefer punching a wall that crying or talk about it. In love, Stan is lost. He thinks he loves Leo's twin sister, but for her he's just a night-alone thing. Of course he loves spending the night with her, but he wish they could be a real thing, like boyfriend and girlfriend.

theme, aesthetic, and tumblr image love, couple, and kiss image cartoon, feelings, and mood image angry, grunge, and wall image

That's it! hope you like Stan! He's so cool and he's inspired by one of my best friend. See ya soon with another oc article!