Get To Know Me


Before I start this tag, I just want to say two things:

  • This is my first ever article, so I'm sorry if I make any mistakes
  • Sorry I've been so inactive, I have had exams, and they were stressful so I had to take a break from posting
So onto the article:


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I was born in Britain, Manchester and honestly, it's so beautiful and lively, and there is so much you can do here.

My birthday

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I'm born on July 3rd so it's my birthday soon, and I am a Cancer which literally explains my personality.

My dreams

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I don't really know exactly, what I want to do in life, but I know I want to be on stage whether it's doing drama performances or it's singing I just know I want to be in front of a big audience.

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I also know, I would like to work in a home office environment, I would love to work in my own organised space, where I can be relaxed but at the same time, I can be working in a comfortable environment.

My Appearance

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  • I have the darkest eyes, they look black.
  • My eyebrows are naturally thick.
  • I have really curly hair.
  • I suffer from acne

My Favourite places

The beach

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I love beach days, mostly beach because you can just hang around and be carefree and have no worries whilst being there.

The countryside

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It's so peaceful, and I feel like you can just relax and be stress-free
it's also a place where you can take amazing photos.

My bedroom

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My bedroom is a place where I can be alone and escape everybody
it's also a place where I can enjoy being alone without being disturbed.

Thank you for reading.