The past few nights have been such a joy, spending each night with my friends at different locations with different drinks and opinions each night. The more we drink and the later it gets, the realer the topics and feelings. Staying up until 4 am each night to talk and waking up 12 in the afternoon with new abrupt plans to do the following evening.

Sunday night, we secretly climbed the ladder on the roof top of a condo leading to a platform we weren't supposed to be on. A forbidden hide out hidden from the city yet right in the middle of the city, the city couldn't see us but little did they know how clear we saw the city from where we sat. Never has the city seemed so alive, the breeze whispering softly in our ears.

We sat, our feet dangling off the edge, talking about our remember whens and what ifs as we watched a busy city slowly go to sleep. A playlist so chill you get lost in the moment. Spontaneity with the right people can be the best feeling.

As the night grew older, we decided to move to the terrace of our friend's house and have a few drinks. We set up blankets and pillows on the floor and got comfortable as we started to talk about our hopes and dreams, struggles, opinions and what's going on in our life at the moment. A few drinks in, we started to share our favourite songs and interpret the lyrics of our common favourites. We talked about how painful the stories hidden in the lyrics of The Script are and the reason why we could relate to each song.

Each night spent together, we'd drink and talk our hearts out until late in the night. Reminiscing our past memories and making plans for the future, sometimes laughing but sometimes letting out the sadness we feel inside.

I live for nights like those when there's not a problem in the world that bothers you, when everything feels so right in the moment, when we spend the late nights talking and going on spontaneous adventures. Nights that are worth losing sleep over.

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