The idea of writing something for We❤️it has been living in my mind since the day I actually figured out you can use this app as a blog.
We Heart It was always my safe space that was feeling like a large room with bright white walls and a large window. I don’t know why but this association gives me comfort and flies through my mind every time I feel peaceful. Probably that’s because it looks the same way as my dream apartment.
It was always a space where I could speak up trough my aestetics while having a feeling of being heard.
Now I’m 16 and even though I still in my young/teenage/somehow childhood years, I feel free to say that my determination and passion for writing roots deeply in my childhood; the way people combine words always got me amazed. My native languages are Russian/Ukrainian since I live in Ukraine (Hi, I’m Southern European girl with big dreams. No, it’s not a cliche). Besides writing, I adoooore (can’t stress this enough) fashion. Mixing colors and silhouettes seems to be the most beautiful kind of art to me, that’s why the job of fashion stylist or buyer makes my heart beat faster. I look forward for finishing my school (which I finish next year), go through my gap year and finally go to Italy to get a degree in business of fashion. Have you ever seen someone as excited to get a degree as me😄?
I currently work as freelance model scout and sometimes brands invite me to do trend forecasting for them which I really enjoy doing. Sometimes I do write poetry (only if I’m high on feelings), but I gave it up so far because feel a strong wave of self-criticism while reading my own poetry even if others say they love it.

Probably, this self introduction could last for ages but I wish I could end my self-doubting thought telling me no one will read this. So, if you’re finishing reading this, please, let me know what you want to know about me. If this post ends up having barely one reader, I will keep up writing. Tell me what you want to know about me❤️
Self-doubtingly ,