Hey everyone!
We all love summer and like the sun on our skins. And we also love someone. Especially someone there give you butterflies in your stomach.

Last summer I felt in love in someone. He was my city's biggest FUCKBOY, but I saw the real personality of him and we became friends in few days after I saw him for first time.
We were in many places. In J&J, McD, shopping stores and many other places. We make fun of each other, laugh and we enjoy each others company.
We didn't saw each other in two weeks, because I were on Holiday in South-East Europe and we texted to each other every day, when I had a chance to being on my phone. It were pretty much hard to being on holiday, because I only wanted to be with him rest of the summer. I only think of him the hole time and I thought I was fall in love with him
When I came home, I heard rumours about he had kissed some girls in the meantime I were gone.
I texted him to hear about it were true or not.
He said it was true...
He said he maybe wanted to have something with girl he had in his mind.
I was speechless and sadly ignored his text...
It broke my heart in thousand pieces, and I were not on my phone the next few days after it.
I saw he had texted me: "Are you okay? Why wouldn't you answer me?" and "Can I help you to get in a better mood?". But I still ignored him, because I was to heartbroken.
I know that he doesn't know that I want to be more than friends. I think I know why I dosen't said it. It's because I were afraid that he just saw me some the next girl in his line and I doesn't want to be the next he wanted make out with.

A week later I were on a bar with my best friend and she know that I like him.
We drank maybe too much whisky and after some hours were flyed away, he came into the bar. My bestie drank still whisky but i didn't wanted more of it.
My first thought was "Please go out again, I don't want you here right now...", but he may also being here because it's were a official place. He tried to kiss me on the cheek, but I sadly rejected him.
I wanted it, but I know in the end I were just one of many girls he had makes out with.
My bestie and I left earlier than we had expected but it was nice to go home with fresh air against the face. Even we were a little kind of drunk.

He texted me the next morning and said: " I know why you have ignoring me and rejected me. It's because I kissed those girls when you were on Holiday, isn't it? You need to know something here. The person I had in my mind, that I told you about? IT'S YOU!
I had never got this feeling that I have right now with someone. I'm Sorry that I have hurt you feelings, when I did it..
I hope you forgive me.."