June 25th, 2018 | 11:54 pm

Tonight, I'm thinking of sunsets. I think they are so much prettier than sunrises, especially at beaches. Have you ever really taken a moment, paused, and watched the sun go down?

beach, beautiful, and sunset image

You should, it's beautiful.

Sometimes, the air is hot, sometimes it is cooling down or already cool due to the sun setting. Either way, they are beautiful.

beach, boardwalk, and sunset image

My favorite beach is Clearwater Beach, Florida. Their sunsets are gorgeous. The mixture of orange and yellow, sometimes pink and purple.

beach, florida, and nightfall image

I highly suggest you go see it. The sunrise is beautiful as well

beach, beautiful, and beauty image

but there is something about the sun setting. It signifies the day ending. Once it's dark, all of the street and party lights come to life.

beach, city, and florida image

All of the neon boardwalk signs.

beach, blackandwhite, and classic image

Just something about the beach night life, or maybe I'm just a night owl.

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