I love to write down my thoughts in my journal. Decorating the pages is also my favorite. Although sometimes, I get stuck on what to plaster the pages with.

So, this article is dedicated to anyone is having "journals block"

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1. cute journals. lock and key journals, combination lock journals, lay flat journals. you can get an affordable cut journal from tjmaxx, walmart, bealles outlet, marshalls etc...
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2. drawings
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3. old vintage photos, ads, etc.
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4. polaroids, dried flowers
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5. sew pages or ad something from you received from your day. whether it be an admission ticket, receipt, tag etc
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6. washi tape, add an envelope to a page (stuff the envelope with a secret something and wait a year to open it), movie tickets
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7. pretty handwriting
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8. creative writing space ( use doilies on pages! )
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9. supplies
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10. heart cutout that can flip out, make an envelope out of old paper,
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11. magazine ads. i cut these perfume ads out of an ulta magazine.

journaling can be a wonderful thing. i hope this inspired you