1.Making my mom and sister laugh.
From the beginning of time, it has been only the three of us,and we've been through everything together. There are a lot of days,when one of us is not feeling too good.So I do, everything that is in my power to make them laugh.It doesn't take much,because I am a really clumsy person...Nonetheless,whenever I see them laugh,my heart finally feels fulfilled.

Pretty much,all the time,I feel lonely.So music has been there for me, my whole life.When I wake up, I make myself coffee, smoke a cigarette or two and then,I play some music,depending on my mood.Some of my favorite artists and bands are:ASAP Rocky,Tyler The Creator,XXXTENTACION,The Neighbourhood,RHCP,Billie Eilish,Lana Del Rey...and many more.

3.Taking pictures.
I take pictures of almost everything.I always have my phone charged so I can take as many pictures as i can,whenever I am going to a unusal place.I was supposed to take a professional course for photography,but I guess that isn't one of my highest priorities.I will sure be posting some of my best work soon.

Whether is in my home city, my country,or abroad,I love exploring some unseen beauties,away from the busy city streets and the everyday problems.Some of those places are the Museum of Contemporary art in Skopje(from where you can see the whole city),Vodno(the highest mountain in Skopje),the kej of the river Vardar,and so on...Those are the places where I hide away and get some alone time,that I spend thinking,writing and concentrating.

Although I have earned this characteristic(if you may) from the person that has hurt me the most, I still like to express myself on the papers.Sometimes,I go that deep that I spend hours on thinking about what I have become(that being my most popular theme for writing),without realising how much time has past.The only problem is that I have toughts that are worth writing,but they constantly flow away like a river,which makes it difficult to concentrate on one topic.

So that were the 5 things that make me reaaally happy.I would like to continue with this challenge,everyday revealing something new about me.

*All of the content in this article is mine and is not for other use.Please If you like the cover image,or something else posted,feel free to contact me, I would be happy to talk to you!

*If you have any questions,or would like simply to talk with me,please message me.I would be happy to answer, and make new internet friends.

Talk to you soon,
Sara <3