1) Set up goals for the next 6 months, or for the next year, so you know why you wake up every morning.

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2) Identify for every area of your life what frustrates, disappoints and stresses you (relationships, career, school, health, love, passions...)

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3) Make of lists of small things that make you happy and incorporate them as much as possible in your daily life.

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4) Be aware of your limting beliefs, which are negative things you tell yourself but never accept that someone else tells you (for exemple : I'm bad at that thing, I'm too fat, etc) and write them along the day. Then, when you hear them i your head, say "stop" and even try to find an encouragement to replace them.

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5) Try to appreciate the present, to taste every moment that will never come back. Observe people around you, nature, small things that we usually barely see, and juste breathe.

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6) Be grateful and always try to see what's fine in your life. try to write 3 things you're grateful for every day.

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7) Try to never expect anything from people. Just do what you do because you want it, not because you want peole to be grateful.

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8) Try not to criticize because these are also negative thoughts.

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9) Never take things too personnaly. No one holds the monopoly of truth, so if people you barely know criticize you, they're probably wrong.

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10) Let the past go. Don't be a nostalgic or regretful person ! You can never change what's done anyway. Also keep in mind that some painful experiences may teach you good lessons, probably best than joyful experiences do.

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11) Take action ! Never undergo your life and stay your own master. Don't let people decide for you. Also, undertake your mistakes. We tend to be victims when it comes to talk about our failures, but stay responsible. We're all human !

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12) Always remember that you have the power to define who you are at every moment of your life :)

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