Hey to all the people out there!

I don´t know but im very motivated to write an artricle now and that is excactly what I do now. Today I want to do the ABC tag.

A - age


B - best feature


C - colour


water, aesthetic, and money image fashion, outfit, and style image flowers, brave, and quotes image car, blue, and aesthetic image

D - deepest regret

That i´m not able to do the best for my familie and friends

E -everyday starts with...

opening my eyes, sitting in my bad and drinking some water

F - favourite shows

gossip girl and stranger things

gossip girl, blair, and serena image stranger things, finn wolfhard, and millie bobby brown image

G - greatest accomplishment

realizing that I don´t need some people in my life

H - height

175 centimeters

I - in love with...

books, movies, good food, stars, my friends and family

stars, sky, and night image aesthetic, books, and photography image

J - Job of my dreams

I´m not sure...

K - kids I want

i´ve never thought about it.

L - last thing I hate

sleepless nights

aesthetic, quote, and alternative image

M - magical power I want

time travel

N - number of siblings

I would say 2, but there are some I don't know in person

O - one favourite song

I´m a mess - Bebe Rexha

P - person I last texted

A good friend

Q - question I'm always asked

Where are you from?

R - reasons to smile

Everything will be just fine

S - sexuality


T - time I wake up

Between 8 am and 9 am

U - underwear colour


V - vacation place

I don´t have a specific place

W - worst habit

I´m on my phone way to often

X - x rays I've had


Y - your favourite drink

Water with fruits and tea

drink, tea, and tumblr image drink, summer, and green image water, strawberry, and fitness image strawberry, drink, and food image

Z - zodiac sign

aquarius image