heyyaaa guys, I´m back. I know it´s been a long time since I last wrote an article here but I was busy with school. I had my final exams and passed and now I´m officially done with school, I´m not a student anymore…..

And this is actually cool because it fits perfectly with this article…
Imagine this situation: You have passed your final exams and are finished with school now the future is open with opportunities and of course freedom but you still have to figure out what you are doing with your life….yep that´s my situation right now.

Besides the fact that I do know a little something what I wanna do next with my life. But to be honest until a few months ago, I didn´t. Everyone around me or at least almost everyone did know exactly what they wanna do in the future. If they want to study, find a job straight away, do a gap year, go abroad, travel the world…..the opportunities are huge. The most important thing is though to think carefully about it and plan in advance. Nobody wanna stand in front of nothing in the end.

I for example are about to go on a gap year because I´m still not 100% sure what I wanna study so in my opinion this is the best decision to make. You can get to know the country, meet new people and gain some new experiences too and you probably find yourself and find out what you wanna do for life…or at least for the future. And also here are the opportunities endless like working as an au-pair, doing an internship abroad, working as a volunteer or work & travel. You can decide.

If you do know exactly that what you wanna do and think a break isn´t necessary than you have also a wide range of opportunities like studying.

I wanna study after my gap year....because I´m still indecisive so for me a gap year works out best. Plus I have a year break from all the studying bc I definitely need that right now.

But studying is a great opportunity to became what you want, meet new people and also of course gain new experiences…the time that you´re spending in university or college is best and most unforgettable in your lifetime they say…so what are you waiting for when you know exactly what you´re wanting to study…

I can wait for what the future is having in mind for me…can you? So think carefully about it and plan in advance…and make the upcoming time to one of the best in your life and don´t forget to make it unforgettable.

But don´t forget to take time off and travel around with family and friends. And held them as close as possible so that you have a backup if something does go wrong.

I wish everyone and it doesn´t matter if he or she is in the same position as me all the best for the future. You rock that guys.

I hope I could give you a little advice or something to hold on to. I know it´s not my best article, but now that I have the time…better ones are about to come. Don´t worry. I wish everyone an amazing day and see you next time!

Lots of love,

nana xxx