If I were a character in Game of Thrones. In an alternative timeline, where King Robert did not infuriate Queen Cersei and she had his children.


game of thrones and crown image lightning, night, and nature image black, gold, and woven fabric image deer, animal, and black and white image


costume, robert baratheon, and got image king, Queen, and Jon image deer, fall, and old image red, lion, and rings image
King Robert and Queen Cersei

About me

reign, Queen, and adelaide kane image hair, gold, and hairstyle image eye, green, and eyes image Mature image character, edit, and enchanted forest image game of thrones image
A Baratheon in every way, tall, black of hair and furious, except for deep forest green eyes. Prefers black as basecolour.


gif, handsome, and Hot image eye, theme, and animal image animal image gif, Hot, and handsome image
Robb Stark


quotes, silence, and Dream image empowerment, girls, and woman image Image by ilhan lady, cat, and quotes image idiot, disney, and scar image Image by María De Mayo Silveira