Hello everyone, first of all I want to warn that my English is not very good and I only try to practice it. I hope it serves you.

1. a schedule is essential for everything, it can be tedious but necessary, use it as if you can not avoid it. block the hours and it will be more effective, you will have time for what you need and you will not leave everything at the last minute.

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2. an agenda, it does not have to be on paper you can use on your cell phone to remind you of the day's events, if you have a delivery note a reminder the day before the delivery date so even if you have not agreed you can finish it or start it.

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3. each day brings out an hour of study, you may not always be able to but take as much time as possible to study, the most important subjects such as math or biology, every day a different subject so you do not drown in the subject, over time You will see the results.

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4. Make schemes of the class, do not make summaries in paragraph, it is better a general outline that reminds you of the class, you can do it on a sheet and paste it on the wall so you will always have it in sight and the time to study it will be easier.

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5. Before studying the subject, ask questions about this, what? why? when? as? and where? When you finish studying, answer those questions and you will see how much you know the subject and what you're trying to learn.

6. Explain the subject yourself, if you are able to explain it, understand it, without leaving doubts in the air then you will know that you have learned it.

7. You can also ask specific questions about the subject before studying it, like an exam, do not do it later because you know the answers or you can do it with a partner, then the partner would do the questionnaire to you and you to him.

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_ Study hard