Nowadays technology has literally invaded our lives and we can't live with it. So, to dispel this myth, I propose this challenge: don't use technology (computer, mobile phone, tablet, television, etc.) for a day. For this I will give you some tips to overcome it.

  • First of all, take a day off to carry out this challenge. You must be sure that nobody is looking for you during the day. In case someone is looking for you and is worried, warn the person the day before.
  • Be sure to turn off all technology devices the night before the challenge
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For the day of the challenge
Wake up and have a good and rich breakfast!

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- After that you are dressed and go to play sports outdoors, so your morning will be based on contact with nature and the activity of your body.

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- If you have the time, go visit your dear friend by surprise.

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- For lunch, go to a restaurant, or eat at home. It does not matter where, but while you dine, you look around and make sure that what is around you strikes you and makes you feel good.

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- In the afternoon, go shopping and buy what suits your style. Think how cute you are and enhance your personality.

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- Try to make new friends on the streets of your city. This will enrich your sense of humanity and approach.

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- In the evening, immerse yourself in a bathtub and relax with so much foam. Reflect on how you felt this day. Was it difficult to stay without technology for a day? Would you like to spend a similar day again? Here are some questions you should take at the end.

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- When you go to sleep, if you want, read a few pages of your favorite book. Be lulled by the stars, and goodnight!

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Now the challenge is really over. I invite you to do it and spend a day away from technology, stress and boredom.