Thank you for clicking on this article! So first of all i wanted to start with saying this.

I somthimes wright some poerty and my friends really seem to enjoy it, but i have always been a bit scared to post it on any piblic platform because i am dyslexic (so there might be some spelling mistakes) and also because it personal (even tho somtimes my fingers just wright what they want and my mind goes blank.) The fact that people can "claim" my voice and my toughts without me knowing scares me the most, like they will copy it and claim my voice to be theirs. I wont mind you using any of my words it but dont claim them.

I wanted to get this out in the world because when I was struggling I could never seem to find anything to what I could relate to and it made me feel stange and confused because i have never felt this way and i could not seem to find any possible reason of my feelings and thoughts, but now i know that the brain does what it wants and feelings can not be explained sometimes.

A long intro but here is the poem you have been waiting for,

I knew I always loved the ocean but I was sure when I saw your eyes

I was always fasanated by the sky and now I know why. The mystery that it caries, caries within your eyes. The dept of the universe always made me wonder and could take my breath away. I could stare at the sky and find my rest.

That's probly the only thing that you don't have in common as the sky makes me calm and the water of the sea washes my sins away you make my heart beat and lose its rythem.
You make my brain go numb and the moment I look in your eyes my world stops and I can't move, breath nor speak. But when my world gets brutally interpret by reality my brain can't stop think about "us".

All these feeling are as vabrint and aching but we have never spoke. The looks and stares have taken my attention, we will never be together but you have left me in so much confusion and I can't imagine you don't think about me, a connection as strong as this has to come from something above, but when I think about the hard reality I can't Ignore the fact that a lot of things are made by wanted fantasies and illusions that the brain makes.

We have never spoken nor do we know each other and yet I feel this way of attraction and maybe "love".

When my emotions go to rest and my brain awakes, it can't stop thinking that you may not be the person that i made you out to be. The attraction to you triggered my brain into thinking that you are the man of my dreams, you fit the person I always wanted close to me.

the strange thing is that I can't forget you and unfeel what I feel... the strange thing is that I don't know what this is and it confuses me like how I felt in the beginning.

I hope you feel a little less alone in your feelings now that you have read this <3.