Ed Westwick is an actor who is best known for his role as playing Chuck Bass in the Tv show Gossip Girl. Since November 2017, Westwick has been one of the few men who have been accused of something. When A victim of Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump or even Kevin Spacey decides to tell their story, I don’t seem to pay any attention meaning that I’m proud that these victims have told their story and I can tell that they are telling the truth by the way the accusers responds and the evidence that reporters find against him, however for Ed Westwick it seems to be a different.
Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of Ed Westwick, the only Tv/Movie I’ve seen from him is Gossip Girl and that’s it. I don’t think Ed Westwick is innocent just because he’s handsome and I’m not victim blaming. Victim blaming would be me judging what they wore or going on their Instagram judging If they take pictures of themselves by showing off their body or blaming them not saying the word No. these are just the evidence that I found and I do agree a few of these accusations don’t seem to make sense at all.

So when the first victim told her story about how Ed Westwick raped her, I was a bit devastated and I was a bit sad that Ed would do something like that, like I said I’m not a huge fan, but the thought of someone you didn’t think would do something like is a bit sad. After, the first victim told her story, the second victim decided to tell her story as well and that’s when people started questioning. One of the things that people started questioning the fact that first and second victim’s story are so similar it makes you think that this was one person who wrote it by using different accounts. They both date someone who is friend of Westwick, they both get raped by his house, they tell their boyfriends, the boyfriend blames it on them and their friends tell them not tell anyone what happened that night. The first victim is filming a movie but the producer that she’s working is the guy who she dated and didn’t believe when she said that she was raped. Now, I don’t know how Hollywood works, but if I found out I was working with someone who didn’t believe me, I wouldn’t want to work with them at all, even though it might be a big opportunity, I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with person I mean Nicole Kidman nearly worked with Woody Allen but than dropped the project because she was busy with something else.
She was also embellished with lines like “If I could speak. And if so, will be heard?” No other victims has ever use that line in their story at all. Westwick’s roommate Cary Alex also stated that he had recollection of her being presented at that house. She also changed her story several times by saying it was a vicious assault over one night to it being a dinner, a movie and consensual sex with Westwick the following evening.
The other part is that the second victim kept changing the date, the very first time she uploaded her story she put in July 2014 and the location that was taken place was in Los Angeles but than people started pointing out that Westwick wasn’t at LA during that month but actually in England filming a movie so how can he be in two places at once. When that was out, she edit her story and put August 2014. It kind of seems like she edit that post 10 times because in the first post, she put in the hashtag All Lives Matter which is more about Police Brutality not rape towards women. Many women who have been raped knows the exact date because it may have traumatised them ever since. She said that the attack happened during the accusations of Kobe Bryant, but the Kobe Bryant happened in 2003 and 2016, which doesn’t really fit her timeline.
She was wearing a one piece suit and I’m not going judge what she wore because that’s victim blaming but the fact she said Westwick ripped it off, most bathing suits are made from Nylons and when you have that type of fabric on a clothing, it is hard to tear with your bare hands even if your using all your strength. She also said that she was dating Mark Salling, but in the same post said that Mark Salling was dating her friend. Mark Salling wouldn’t exactly be dating her because he was in a public relationship with Denyse Tontz during all of July and August of 2014. What’s odd is that if the second victim and Denyse Tontz are actually friends than why isn’t their any picture of her and Denyse Tontz hanging out. One of the things that is odd Denyse Tontz was the one who alerted authorities to Mark Salling’s Child Pornography so it seems highly unlikely Denyse Tontz would tell the second victim to keep quiet about the rape that the second victim claimed.
The second victim also said she isn’t pressing changes, but did claim she had a video of being at Westwick’s home I mean if you do have evidence than not only could you get justice but you can also help out the first victim who has filed a report.
The third victim was dating the same producer who dated the first victim. She also claimed that the producer kept continuously leaving the room which is a bit odd and she was allegedly groped Westwick. All she had to do was run out of the room and asked the receptionist if she could use the phone to call taxi since she was at hotel. I’ve read accusation whenever the victim gets uncomfortable they leave straight before something horrible happens to them. She is also friends with the producer on Facebook but it depends how long she been not on Facebook and she is also friends with the first victim as well.
Fourth Victim claimed that she was sex slave for 48 hours. She is also works with Westwick as a stylist. So According to Daily Mail the woman said she was held hostage in August 6th and during that time she had no cell phone service or wi-fi at that time. However if she didn’t had any of that than how could she had posted two pictures during that 48 hours. That doesn’t make sense at all. Apparently she said it happened in July 2014 but decided to change it to August 2014 which kind of reminds me so much about the second victim who changed the dates when people said that Ed wasn’t in the location she claimed. Last year she posted a picture that had the caption saying #ILoveMyJob. I understand that many women go back to their work knowing that the person works there violated them because there probably aren’t any jobs going around, but I don’t think they would say that they love their jobs unless it’s talking about their career.
In my opinion Ed Westwick seems to be different from the other powerful men who have been accused of something. When the first allegation came out, Westwick wrote a statement that he did not know this woman and he would never lay his hands on anyone and said that his authorities are looking through. Now Westwick obviously deny the allegations as many people would do but the fact he didn’t insult the woman, he didn’t say it was consensual and he didn’t excuses like he can’t remember. He didn’t blame on anyone else for that matter like Roy Moore blamed on the LGBT for the sexual allegations on him (Westwick also has deleted the statement due to the orders of his lawyers). I haven’t even seen any videos on YouTube or Twitter were he defended people like Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey or Woody Allen or even Roman Polanski. Jessica Szohr said in an interview that She talked to Westwick and he said that he’s fighting for the day where everyone would know the truth and prove he’s innocent.
Probably the only reason why people believe that Westwick would do something like that is because of Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is a fictional character that Westwick played on a tv show. He was removed by BBC for the allegations against him and I understand they don’t want a bad reputation but it also hypocritical since Westwick could be innocent and they kept Jimmy Savelle a man who sexually abused children while working at BBC and have been proven to be a peadophile stays until he died.
The LA District Attorney is now reviewing the Investigation of Ed Westwick and I thunk that’s fine and also great since he’ll do what he has to do and clear his name as what he said.
So these are the reasons why I believe Ed Westwick might be innocent. For the record I don’t think I’m 100% right, so Ed Westwick is Innocent than he’s innocent but if he’s reported as guilty than he’s guilty.