The definition of Feminism is the equality between both men and women. Wether it’s equal pay, the right vote and also being treated the same as equals. Women have been fighting since the right to vote. But there are some things that I believe we should change about Feminism so we can get on the right track and maybe just maybe be equal to our male friends.

White Feminism

Like I said before the definition of feminism is the equality between both men and women. But for the people claim themselves as “Feminists” tend to only care about the equality between white men and white women. They don’t do anything to help out or seem to pay attention to the POC, LGBT or both. Calling yourself a self proclaimed feminist doesn’t really make you a feminist at all. It feels like the only reason why your doing this is to get sympathy because you’re a woman and if someone calls out for something you did that wasn’t ok, you can use the term “woman” as an excuse why you got call out when in reality your gender has nothing to with it. But you probably want to start a cult following. You being a women is tough to handle, but your white privilege is the only thing that doesn’t hold you back to getting what you want. You are probably fighting, but it was probably a short fight. Black Women, Trans-women, Native American Women, Asian Women, LGBT Women, Hispanic Women And Indigenous Women have to fight every single day for their rights and freedom and when they do get it, it’s only 10-20 years down the road.

In America, white women were allowed to vote in the 1920s. While Asian Women had to wait until 1952, the black Women and the Native Women were forced to wait until 1968 and the Women from other language minorities like Latin, Mexican would have to wait until 1975. Just like America, Australia had a similar situation as well, White Australian Women were allowed to vote in the 1900s, while the Indigenous Women would have to wait until the 1960s.

There are also celebrities who call themselves “Feminists” and throw the name like it means something to them, but are also racists, have done cultural appropriation and they are what people would call “White Feminist”.

There’s a Lena Dunham who made a tweet that said “the only thing women don’t lie about is rape” but than proceed to defend the writer of GIRLS who was accused of sexual harassment because “he would never do something like that”. A woman name ZiZi Clemons who used to work for Lena Dunham said that Dunham and her friends were “hipster racism” and the ways in which she existed as someone who “had a lot of power and seemed to get off on simultaneously wielding it and denying it”. Lena Dunham is what people like to call an Apologist, every time she’s in a controversy which she made have started, she’ll apologise for it. Apologises are fine, but keep apologising all the time, it makes people wonder if she really is sorry. Tessa Thompson also called out Lena Dunham for being a part of the Time’s Up Initiative, even though she act like she was there through it all. Lena Dunham wasn’t actually there for the meetings or discussion, just only when it was time to take a group photo.

Amy Schumer is another celebrity, you would definitely call a “white feminist”. Schumer is a stand up comedian which means that you have to go on make the audience laugh however many of the jokes Schumer has made could take a toll on people and makes them wonder what was going on in Schumer’s head for her to think that joking about Mexican Men are rapists of saying she was bummed when no lesbian would hit on her at a lesbian bar or implying that Men of Color cat-call women more than white men do. I don’t know you can yourself a feminist, when many of your jokes are tasteless, unfunny and also racist.

There are many more white feminists in the celebrity Industry such as Rose McGowan, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Scarlett Johansson, Miley Cyrus, Tina Fey and possibly more.

Susan B Anthony was one of the women who started the women’s suffrage but apparently was pretty racist and didn’t help black women at all and didn’t want them to have the equality and the right to vote like a white Women does. She even once said “I will cut off this right arm of mine before I will ever work or demand the ballot for the Negro and not the woman”.

Barbara Bush’s legacy was deeply implicated in the violence against women of color both domestically and abroad.

White Feminism is one of the reasons that slow us down and we get a bad reputation because the people that we let lead the way are actually the ones who are holding us back because of their controversial ways.

Me too Movement and Times Up Now.

Here’s the thing I don’t mind the movement itself. I think the me too and Times Up is a great movement and women can change that way we see Hollywood as it is and any other place for that matter, also get the justice that survivors of Harvey Weinstein, Bill Cosby, R.Kelly, Kevin Spacey and Donald Trump. But it’s some of the people who support it.

The me too movement has been going on since 2006, Tarana Burke is the one who organised the movement to stop the sexual harassment towards black women, but when Harvey Weinstein was exposed and Alyssa Milano made that tweet on using the hashtag metoo, it seems like the movement was woken because a white woman decide to tell her story about Harvey Weinstein. People only seem to listen if a white woman is telling it. Black women are tired of being push aside and not having everyone listen to them when they decide to tell their story.

People like Scarlett Johansson are a few reasons why people can’t take this movement seriously. During the women’s march, she called out James Franco who has been accused of sexual assaulting five women by saying “I want pin back” which is a reference to when he wore a Time Up pin during the golden globes Awards. But decided to work with Woody Allen twice and victim shamed Dylan Farrow in 2014. Many of the celebrities who wore black at the golden globes and wore the Times Up pin are also the same people who work with Woody Allen and talk about how great of a director he is during an interview.

I don’t think the movement is a witch-hunt in anyway, but I do believe that people will take advantage of it. I have look through a few who have been accused of something and it seems like they are leaning into innocent than guilty. Just because because someone calls a person “rapist” doesn’t mean they are truly, there’s a reason it’s called innocent until proven guilty.

The me too movement doesn’t seem to help out sex workers or believe that their story isn’t worthy because of the occupation they work as. Sex worker is someone who choose to participate in a range of sex-based work including prostitutes, strippers, escorts, pornography actors, dominatrixes, erotic massage therapists, phone sex operators and nude webcam models. Sex works of colour and transgender sex workers are thought to be at even greater risk for experiencing violence, according to the Sex Worker Outreach Project. Some sex workers who have experience sexual violence because they aren’t what you call the “Perfect Victim”, but sometimes being the Perfect Victim doesn’t help at all, you still got people call you a “whore” “liar” “gold digger” from both sides.

The me too movement should also help out victims of domestic abuse or they can have their own movement. Rape Victims and Abuse Victims are in the same bubble, but when it comes to the media and when both decide to tell their story, one has more supporters than the others. The only we actually believe in the abuse victims is when they are six feet underground. Celebrities like Rihanna and Amber Heard who have been abused by a partner is blamed for trying to ruin a man’s career, when the man’s career doing quite well, Chris Brown just did a collaboration with lil dicky on Freaky Friday and Johnny Depp has been promoting Fantastic Beasts.

The Golden Globes awards was probably the first event to bring Times Up Now in the spotlight by having every celebrity to wear the colour black. most of Harvey Weinstein’s victims weren’t invited to the Golden Globes. Now we saw some like Ashley Judd, Lena Headey, Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie, but I believe that all of the victims should’ve been there. Asia Argento (a victim) took to twitter to say that not only was she not invited to the Golden Globes, but the Times Up Movement never asked to sign a letter because apparently she isn’t “Powerful” or “Hollywood”. Fuck Power, what has a power done anything. Some abused their power. Just because she isn’t on the A List that doesn’t mean she should treated lower than her other Hollywood colleagues.

Some celebrities who wore Black, shouldn’t even wore black in the first place. People like Justin Timberlake, Blake Lively, Emma Stone and possibly many more seemed in my opinion and many others that them wearing Black is a hypocrisy and the blind eye of people forgetting that these Hollywood actors and actresses worked with a child molester and praised him in interviews as well.

There were two people that were invited and one of them got a standing ovation. Tonya Harding, an ex ice dancer attended the Golden Globes and the reason why many people weren’t happy she was there, is because in 1994 she hired a man to attacked her than competition Nancy Kerrigan in which Nancy got a broken ankle. The other person that weren’t happy and netherless got a freaking standing ovation was a Kirk Douglas. Kirk Douglas raped Natalie Wood, now This supposed accusation has been going on for centuries and Natalie Wood has never said anything about the situation, but another actor has and many believe to be Robert Downey Jr. Tonya Harding and Kirk Douglas being at an award show in which they protesting things that they have done or have been accused of aren’t the best combination.

Turning Feminism into a Trend

Feminism isn’t a trend, it’s a movement that’s been going on since the first woman decided that it was time for a change. Shops that sell shirts that say “Future is Female” or “Feminist”, when people buy them most of them probably don’t know the history of the word and just sees it as a trend.

I don’t mind if you spread the message through music like Beyoncé and Demi Lovato or if you’re a journalist and you decide to write an article about something that it’s been going on involving Feminism in a way or you can protest. Just anything you can do that involves not buying Feminism.

Treatment of Men

Since Feminism is about the equality of men and women, it seems like we don’t do anything for our male friends. People always thought men have it easy in life, when that’s false. They go through some stuff as women go through like Suffering from mental illness, they too are the victims of abused, sexual assault and rape.

They can’t cry or show emotions without someone saying that they are cowards when they aren’t. They are always tested on whether or not if they are cheaters, when most men are actually loyal and good boyfriend who know how to treat a woman right.

They are forced to fight for their country when war starts, meaning they have to leave their homes and half of them don’t come back.

Men who are black go through difficulties then who are white, if the two have committed the same crime, the black guy gets the most punishment than the white guy.

I think there are many men out there who are gay, but they are afraid to talk about it because of society. Muslim men probably get death threats in a daily because people probably think that they are terrorists.

There are many who love to wear make-up and dress, but scared of what society thinks of them yet in back in those days men/boys had to dress as women when it came to female roles.

So these are the things I have a problem with Feminism. We should find a way to improve ourselves and make sure that every race, every gender and every religion isn’t left out.

NOTE: I wrote this a whiled ago and posted it, but the account that I was using suddenly got reported because scam/spam. I deleted that account and decide to use this one instead.