Hello ladies,

Lately I have realised that one small thing that I am very excited about every day is breakfast! I love preparing myself little treats and most important, I love eating them, because they are truly delicious. And trust me when I say that, because it comes from a rather picky young lady!

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If you are like me, you've probably also noticed that a very important role in the way in which a day could unroll is played by the morning routine.And what better way to start a day than with a fresh face, a little morning dance and a delicious breakfast?

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So keep scrolling, and hopefully you will find some inspiration for a great healthy meal, to help you start the day right!


If you follow some supermodels here and there and are interested in their lifestyles, then you've probably heard about oatmeal many times before, but it truly is a nice and consistent meal that you can so easily personalise, just so that it fits your taste entirely!

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Here's how to do it:

  • Get the desired amount of oats. If you want, they can also contain dried fruits or other types of cereals;
  • Put them on the stove at medium fire and cook them for five minutes in plain water or in milk of choice. I like using coconut milk.
  • Add your ingredients. I usually enjoy them with a little bit of cinnamon, honey, and Chia seeds
  • Toppings. I enjoy my oatmeal with fruits that I choose according to each season, peanut butter, my absolute favourite, and maybe some berries. You can also eat it with:

- Chocolate chips;
- Any seeds;
- Jam;
- Syrups etc.


I always like eating a cup of yoghurt, especially after I've eaten a lot of food the previous day. It is really light and helps with digestion, contributing to a smashing silhouette!

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  • Pair it with granola! Crispy, honey granola is always a great choice when it comes to breakfast, and with yoghurt, it feed your body with exactly the nutrients it needs for the whole day, giving you energy at the same time!
  • Mix it with protein powders and berries! Whenever I feel like it, I add some extras to my bowl, such as protein powders, matcha powder which helps replace coffee, honey and even chocolate.


Now these little buddies give me a small pick me up and help me detox.

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There are so many variations of this drink, and you can have it whether your a fan of diary products, or not.

Here are some of my favourites, ready to be put in the blender:

  • Peach and coconut milk . You only need one peach, some coconut milk, depending on how liquid you want your smoothie to be, a spoon of honey, some cinnamon, chia seeds and a straw! (And maybe a mason jar, however you prefer it served!)
  • Banana and chocolate. One banana, a cup of yoghurt, milk of choice, I like going with almond milk for this one, agave syrup, and top it with chocolate chips;
  • Kiwi and ginger. Add some kale or baby spinach, two kiwis, some minced ginger, and milk or plain water. This one is my favourite for a little detox!


For whenever you're feeling yourself, but still in a healthy way.

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  • Banana and egg. Take two bananas, three eggs, one cup of whole wheat flour and some cinnamon, which you can replace with protein powder, matcha powder or cocoa powder. Mix them together into a paste, and add a tablespoon of honey or agave syrup. Pour them into the pan and Voila!
  • Oat and cocoa. Replace the flour with a cup of blended oats, add an egg, some milk and cocoa powder.

For a greater flavour, try frying them in butter instead of oil, and then just use any toppings you fancy!

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Hope you found these recipes useful, and Bon appetit! Don't forget to start every day with a little smile! :)

Love, Cara,