Isn't it weird how the little things, the things that were so normal to you, suddenly become so distant?
Isn't it weird how something that took so little effort, now takes all of your energy?
Isn't it weird that everything you once thought would stay, can suddenly leave?

This right here is what happens when your world turns upside down.
When you can't even find the energy to get out of the house or even out of your bed.
This right here is what happens when you don't see the same things you used to.
When everything turns black and white.
The colour is drenched out of my world, and it's taking everything I've got left in me not to crumble down.
Not to lose my own colour.

The thing is, you act like you can still see all the colours.
People just assume you never changed.
Little do they know that before you turn your lights off in the evening,
You were already missing your light.