So today’s post is about eating and foods. Summer’s here and whenever I visit instagram or a website or youtube, etc… All I see is that everyone says “be healthy” “eat healthy” “workout for that summer body”. All of that is true. BUT! This is too much. Being healthy does not mean you can not eat what you want. If you want to eat an ice cream or a pizza you absolutely CAN. It will not mean you’re not healthy. These things are so good! Of course you’re craving for them.

For me being healthy means that I feel great in my skin. Witch means I eat enough fruits, vegetables. But I also eat desserts and fast food if I want. And yes, if I have time and strength then I workout. Eating dessert is not necessarily means that I eat every chocolate I find. But I do love dessert. That will not make me unhealthy.

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“Summer body”. This is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard in my life. If you don’t feel good about your skin in the summer, why would you feel good in the winter? This is not how you should take care of your body. If you feel good in your skin in the winter then you should not be ashamed in the summer. Especially not because of other people or because of the social media. Be proud of your body. There’s no perfect body. Everyone has insecurities.

Image by Sharmeeyn♡Kefee

So if we define “healthy” and “unhealthy” based on social media. Would you rather eat healthy or eat what you want?

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