Hello! My name is Anamaria and I am #onehandedwonder. YEAH.. that is true. I am wonderfully made.

Well, I am not very good in English so sorry for every grammar mistake I might have done.
People think that being #onehandedwonder is defficult. Of course, it is so defficult for me to wear my shoes, bra and dresses but I always find the way how to wear them.

The only thing I hate of being #onehandedwonder is that everyone looks at you and it is so embarrassing. I'm not one of those people who get worried for every word they say. Even if they cripple me, I realize they are incapable of understanding and accepting what I am. I never come back with a rough tone.There are people who help me when I'm in defficulties , but there are also those who, unfortunately, seem to slander me to touch me. But I think: Who cares? God has created me in the best possible way and I am very happy about it. What makes you different, makes you beautiful. And I am beautiful.

I thought I would never realize my wishes, but thanks to the devotion and the love of many good people, I knew to see the world at large. A world full of dreams and intentions that I really want to fulfill.
I do not want to change and I have already understood this. So be yourself, have faith and be positive about your life.