Make a list of five things that make you happy

  • Dogs
dog, cute, and puppy image dog, cute, and puppy image aesthetic, animal, and chow chow image dog, cute, and puppy image
I always loved dogs, even though I never had one, but one day I will definitely have my own "shounig" which means puppy in Armenian.
  • Concerts and Music
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I can never forget every single concert I went to, those are my best days. Music is one of the most beautiful things in life.

  • Series and Tv Shows
friends, chandler, and Joey image gossip girl, chocolate, and food image 90210, fruit, and food image friends, how i met your mother, and himym image
There's nothing more relaxing than watching your favorite Tv shows after a long tiring day. P.S. my favorite is friends.
  • Road Trips
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The most beautiful trips ever, specially if you're accompanied with family, friends and loved ones.
  • City Lights
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These lights always gave me hope and belief in myself and in life. I just can't stop looking at it and not think about my dreams.