I don't like that thinking it can always get worse. We are making our problems unimportant and we always go like be thankful, it can always get worse. I mean, of course it can get worse. For example, I have broken my leg, my husband has cheated on me, I've got fired, but keep quiet, you could have lost your house too. Of course it could be worse but that's not the reason to make our real problems so insignificant. To say, oh, come on. My problems look great, there are worse problems in this world. We are always searching for that people whose problems are worse than ours to comfort ourselves, to forget about our problems. The news do that do that to us too. They first go and talk about big world problems like war, bombing, terrorist attacks and, I'm not saying that I would want to be in that situation, thank God I'm not, but after those news, ours so called „little“ problems in state become so unimportant. The politicians steal our money every day but we are just focusing on how grateful we are that we don't have any bigger problems.