hi im Maddie and im back
Lets begin<

Coffee or Tea

bath, fashion, and food image aesthetic, tea, and pink image
i think tea bc it relaxes me

Black or white

beauty, roses, and flowers image fashion, style, and outfit image
i just loove black color it gives me great vibes

Books ot movies

books image monica geller, rachel green, and friends image
i like books more but i love to watch movies too

Pepsi or Coca Cola

tattoo, girl, and fashion image blogger, drink, and coca cola image
i like both

Early or night owl

bed, aesthetic, and bedroom image girl, purple, and water image
i am a night owl

Chololate or vanilla

chocolate, sweet, and food image chocolate, food, and amazing image
i like both

Huggs or Kisses

love, couple, and hug image amor, novios, and love image

Winter or summer

blonde, winter, and cold outside image aesthetics, brunette, and girl image

Yanny or Lourel

that was it>