unique and cute ways to spice up your bedroom.
using these tips and tailoring them to your specific style will help create your perfect living space.

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choosing a colour scheme or theme is important in creating unison and a harmony of colour in your bedroom. different warm tone and cool tone colours can add depth to your space

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adding this colour scheme to your wall paint is essential and mirroring it in certain decor items such as pillows, rugs, blankets etc with create a harmony of colours.

can help take up some negative flooring space, making the room feel more complete

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context_query=cute+rugs&context_type=search rugs printed rugs add detail to your room and fluffy rugs add a cozy element to your room.

fairy lights are a super cute way to spice up your room and add extra lighting to your room.

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try hanging fairy lights above your bed or even using string twinkle lights in between your decorations to add extra sparkle.

plants add so much extra life and depth to your bedroom.

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using different plants from leafy palms to geometric succulents will add dimension to your room, cute pots add a nice element to the space as well.

clothing racks are trendy at the moment and for good reason, they help you keep yourself organised and they allow you to display your favourite clothes

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your clothing rack should match the atheistic of your room, place items with colours and textures that match your rooms design.

mirrors add extra light to the room and create the illusion of your bedroom being bigger and more spacious.

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try using different shapes of mirrors from round to square etc and paint the mirror frames with colours to match your colour scheme.

a cute wall print can add a cute element to your room if it is placed well. wall prints help cover negative wall space in your room.

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you can DIY art, frame interesting leaves, frame line drawings or find cute images online to print and frame. chose a cute frame and place the print anywhere in your room such as above your bed.

throw pillows add texture and a sense of comfort in the bedroom from your bed to any side chairs or couches in your bedroom.

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add different pillows of different sizes and colours to your bed, place them in empty corners to create a nook or place excess/ extra throw pillows in a basket. different patterns add detail to your room so experiment with different patterns, textures and prints on your throw pillows.

candles are a source of extra lighting and also give off lovely scents.

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place different candles in between your decorations to fill space and light them to create a warm atmosphere in your space.

shelves are super useful in terms of storing your decor items but also super cute and interesting.

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display your favourite books or decor pieces on your shelves in cute ways to make you room slightly more aesthetically pleasing.

Natalie de Freitas xx