Hello everyone, summer already started and like every year we see buck list with amazing things like:

  • Movie nights
  • Skydiving
  • Clubbing nights
  • Go to more parties

But what happens if you are more an introvert?

  • Netflix nights
couple, love, and goals image netflix and night image food, netflix, and coca cola image netflix, pizza, and bed image
Alone or with someone it's always a good idea.
  • Books
tree, book, and bedroom image book and pink image books, summer, and luxury image book, paradise, and library image
Finish a book you never end, read a book you've always wanted, seize the summer time!
  • Beauty routines
fashion, beauty, and pink image beauty, skincare, and blogger image girly, ted baker, and fragrance image beauty, makeup, and skincare image
Take your time and your skin will appreciate you
  • Listen to some music
music, time, and quotes image music, stars, and notes image pink, stile, and ♥ image music, earphones, and world image
  • Spend time with family and friends
friends, travel, and summer image friends, summer, and sea image friends, grunge, and tumblr image summer, light, and sunset image
  • Draw
art, doodles, and Dream image art, drawing, and colors image doodle, drawing, and journal image art, waves, and drawing image
  • Teach yourself something that you've always wanted to learn
study, school, and notes image notes and study image class, homework, and stationary image college, inspiration, and motivation image
maybe like a new language
  • Make memories
love, vintage, and cool image friends, girl, and summer image flowers, hair, and vintage image girl, hippie, and friends image
memories of all types
Thanks for reading, have a wonderful summer <3