Today, I will tell you about my best friends.

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We are four friends, we are a family.

Clara. @Esca

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She's the most mature of our group, really! She is smart. I like to talk to her because we can talk about serious things like politics, environment like real adults. But we are not always serious, we laugh all the time (our teachers don't like it). She loves music so much, she collects vinyls. We often listen to music together, we like the same music. She's my first friend and the one who looks most like me.


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She loves Disney more than her own life (she wants to marry Peter Pan). We call her Rapunzel because she has long blond hair, she's our princess. But our princess knows how to defend herself: She's an archer. Archery is her favorite sport, she's been doing it for 2 years. Lauralee is calm, more than me, but sometimes she gets so crazy (and I like it!). She makes me laugh so much.


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Everybody likes Zoé! It's the most social thing I know. She is so smiling, she's my sunshine. She makes me happy by her smile. She is the youngest, she's likes our little sister. She is a singer and she plays piano. I love listening to her playing and singing. She has a lot of talent and I hope she will realize her dream, she deserves it!

We are not friends, we are sisters.