Hello to you,

In this article and as you saw in the title I will describe you my natural care routine.

I have mixed skin, acne and greasy hair.

To start, in the morning and evening I « wash » my face with water, so I apply cornflower hydrosol : a hydrosol that soothes fragile and sensitive skin and eyes, I pour it in a spray so that it is simpler but you can also apply it with a cotton.

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Then when the hydrosol is dry, I put jojoba oil on my dry areas (forehead and nose) and on more oily and acneic areas (cheeks and chin), hemp oil, and I mass well.
I also put castor oil on my eyelashes and my eyebrows to grow them (and it works well on me).

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For my lips, I apply shea butter. For my body either avocado oil or coconut oil (avocado oil is less rich, so I put it avocado oil the day and coconut oil, the night).

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Since a few months I make myself my deodorant. I found a great recipe in a french blog « Antigone XXI »: https://antigone21.com/2012/05/03/un-deo-naturel-en-5-minutes-chrono-pari-tenu/.
He is very gentle and efficient on me.

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Let's move on to my body now, my skin became dry by using shower gels with more than doubtful compositions. Now I use a surgras soap that makes me a very soft skin, as it is a solid soap it lasts several months.

For my greasy hair, I use a solid shampoo. It cleans my scalp very well without drying it.

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Here is ! Hoping it's not too messy and that this article will have inspired people to be interested in the natural.

See you soon. @annastasiagck

PS : It's the french article that I wrote, if it interests you :)