Hi I'm Crystal and this is a story I'd like to share, it may be true or it may be fiction. But it's a story. And here it goes.

it all started 11 months ago
(September 2018 to be exact)

I was sitting and talking to my best friend Kaitlyn, a coloured girl who was an orphan, she was stylish and so much fun to be around and thats why we got along so well, at university, we decided to ditch class because it was the middle of our semester and class had gotten boring and irrelevant.

Our friend Desmond, a white guy who usually just wore sweats and some sort of sports shirt, had just gotten out of class and joined us with his friend Josh, a flirtatious and sexual white guy with long brown hair who always wore a leather jacket, black shirt and jeans, who joined us soon after Desmond. We all decided to get some sun because it was a pretty cold winters day.

As we walked towards the grass where we would usually get sun Desmond called out to a group of three boys, Thomas, a really tall coloured guy with glasses standing against the wall smoking a cigarette wearing a black hoodie and long black jeans (he was quite stylish in his choice of clothing), Alex, he was just as tall as Thomas with glasses as well but he was a white guy with curly hair sitting against the wall soaking up sun with a box of cigarettes on his lap wearing floral board shorts, a vest with a zip up hoodie, and Edward, who was a coloured guy laying on the floor as if he was in pain, he also wore glasses, he probably just tall as i was maybe taller, he was wearing dark jeans and a black skin tight black top with a khaki jacket.

Kaitlyn and I introduced ourselves to the three boys as we have never met but only seen each other around university (it is a small university as it is private and an internationally accepted degree university so not many can afford it.)

We all started talking and all I could think is why Edward looked like we was in so much pain so I eventually asked.

"Why do you look like you're dying from pain Edward?" I asked with a curious expression painted in my face.

Edward looked up and was about to answer when Thomas said "he took a abstinent pact, so basically he cant do anything sexual to himself, done to him or with someone else" adding a hysterical laugh afterwards.

We all broke into an echo of laughter , all i could do is feel sorry for the guy so i asked why he would do such a thing.

"Because the last girl i was with was a bitch, and basically we used each other for sexual gain, so i made the pact with our friend Levi because she bet i couldn't stay abstinent for a month , if i can i get R100 and if i dont i pay her R100" he replied laughing through the pain he was clearly in.

"A month ?!" Exclaimed Kaitlyn, "i wouldn't be able to last like four days without doing anything sexual" she was really open person about her sex life , she loved the pleasure , but she was single, so she had many guys who wanted to do things with her and when she needed them she'd let them. "So how many days has it been Edward?" She eventually asked after realising the awkward stares she got from the 5 boys around her.

"Its been 5 days so far and im dying" he replied.

"Wow, must be a record for you then." I laughed. "At least you're not having a 4 month dry spell." I added , regretting those words as soon as they came out of my mouth.

Alex looked at me and said "Seriously? But you're stunning and hot, how can that even be possible?"

I turned to look at him, lighting a cigarette (yes , im a girl and smoke) and replied "My ex cheated on me with 5 different girls in one week while i was at a festival in April, so I'm trying to stay out of the dating scene for now."

There was an uncomfortable silence for a while, and Edward broke the silence "Well he's an idiot, and didn't deserve someone as beautiful as you. I hope he realises that and i hope you made it clear that he doesn't have a chance on coming back to you."

"Oh she made it very clear by punching him in the face pouring a drink over his head the last time she saw him" Kaitlyn said laughing hysterically. "It was amazing"

"It was" i joined her and laughed. Just then our girls, Jessica and Adriaane, an indian girl who loved jeans , funky grunge jackets and band t-shirts and a black girl who had a fashion sense to die for , her make up was always on point and her hair was always her statement piece, called us over to go the canteen and to tell us what we missed in class and most probably to convince us to go back to class.

Kaitlyn and I got up and both said "well thats our cue" , we greeted everyone and turned to walk towards Jessica and Adriaane when Edward called after me "Will we be seeing you tomorrow?" And i replied looking over my shoulder "If you're lucky." And walked away side by side with my girls.

Little did i know that that would be the beginning of a tragic love story, with pain, love, loss, and happiness all combined into a deadly explosive.

To be continued...