IU & Jonghyun - Gloomy Clock

home, quotes, and door image water, grunge, and indie image

Mino & Taehyun - Pricked

gif image red, aesthetic, and water image

Soyou & Baekhyun - Rain

aesthetic, beauty, and delicate image flowers, sky, and photography image

V & RM - 4 O' Clock

Image by swan blue, stars, and aesthetic image

IU - Through the Night

nature, photography, and purple image moon, sky, and purple image

Jonghyun - Elevator

red, aesthetic, and dark image red, city, and aesthetic image

Taeyeon - Secret

blue, aesthetic, and dark image Image removed

G-dragon- Untitled, 2014

ocean, sea, and sparkle image aesthetic, water, and theme image

Ailee - How Could You Do This To Me

theme, blue, and moon image blue, girl, and grunge image

Wendy - Last Love

jellyfish, sea, and water image ice, nature, and iceberg image

Sandeul - Stay As You Are

neon, beyond, and aesthetic image space, wallpaper, and neon image

Luna - My Medicine

orange, road, and sunset image aesthetic, alternative, and art image

Yesung - We

quotes, forever, and aesthetic image space, aesthetic, and dark image

Lee Hi - Breathe

stars, constellation, and art image clouds, aesthetic, and art image

Taehyun - I'm Young

pink, aesthetic, and waves image peach, sky, and orange image

Wheein & Jungkey - Anymore

theme, aesthetic, and alternative image dark, black, and fish image