Today while I was looking in different stores some clothes. I discover how my body is not made for dresses, pants, underwear, blouses, tops, etc. I saw the way people looked at me while I searched for dresses, they looked at me knowing that there are clothes I shouldn't wear.

It was humiliating to go back and forth to pick up a bigger size for a dress I wanted just to see how even that awful "L" size was not fitting. I couldn't stop but cry when I saw my big breasts popping out of my bra, my big stomach, my big legs, my flat ass, my messy hair, my not perfect skin and even worst my facial hair.

I want to apologise to my body. You are perfect, you are beautiful, you are a representation of my thoughts, beliefs, humour, and self love. Sorry, if I made you feel worthless; it's not your fault we just come to live in a world where your two beautiful and big breasts are not acceptable unless a men is rejoicing of them. A world where a big stomach is seeing as disgusting and gross but the truth it's that you are beautiful; the skin covering that belly is soft to the touch. A world where to big legs are not acceptable specially if they have stretch marks, but I know how much it took you to grow and that some skin had to stretch and I thank you for that because you did that by yourself. A world where a flat ass is not normal because people want a big ass that can be consumable for people to look and if they want touch, but you are great you are perfect. A world where every beauty needs to be admired by someone else and you are lucky if you like to be in your own skin.

Sorry my body, sorry because there are days when I forget that you are more that a size. You are my armor and you are the one that reflects every battle I have had.

I love you my body and once again I'm sorry!