my favorite songs that are super vibey and not many ppl know about! heck yeah brother.

my kind of woman - mac demarco

mac demarco image love, rainbow, and yellow image
"my, oh my, what a girl"

call it fate, call it karma - the strokes

bitch, call it, and destiny image flowers, dark, and black image
"i needed someone"

you say i'm in love - banes world

shane blanchard and banes world image blue, dark blue, and dark image
"you say i'm in love, i say you're a fool."

threat of joy - the strokes

fabrizio moretti, julian casablancas, and the strokes image rainbow, aesthetic, and hand image
"why's it so hard to red the sentence in my eyes?"

gum, toe and sole - gus dapperton

80's, aesthetic, and band image aesthetic, green, and neon image
"your hands so cold, just standing alone here to hold."

fancy shoes- the walters

aesthetic, black, and sky image travel, Greece, and blue image
'let's go walking in the city tonight."

not my baby - alvvays

alvvays image aesthetic, blue, and feed image
"now that you're not my baby i'm gonna do whatever i want."

wish i knew you - the revivalists

the revivalists and band image
"i wish knew you when i was young. we could've got so high."

sonora - spendtime palace

draw, fan art, and music image
"i can't go without sonora."

loving is easy - rex orange county

loving is easy and rex orange county image
"i was all on my own almost glad to be alone until love came in on time"