Hello everyone!

Brunch time is amazing, moreover in weekend.
The air still fresh, so it feels good when you are only with yourself or with your friends. You could choose a park to be your your spot for having meals, but i usually spending my brunch time at a café.

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One thing that i like when it comes to brunch time is, besides the breakfast meals and light lunch meals, i enjoy those meals with easy & comfy, simple and casual outfit.
And yeah, here what I want to share to you, what i usually wear at the time and the inspiration styles.

⛅ F R I D A Y
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It is good to wear when you have a meeting with your client or colleague with non-formal situation in brunch time.

⛅ S A T U R D A Y
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Styles above are very comfy for chilling and sitting in a café with your book or writing your thoughts or planning for next weekend.

⛅ S U N D A Y
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Yeah... Sunday is a lazy day but if you want to be productive, after clean your home, you can have a brunch outside and enjoy the moment, next you can shop at grocery mart. If you are lazy to get dressed, go take your basic clothes and wear them with some accessories.

Thank you everyone for reading my article. Hope you enjoy and inspired by these styles. See you soon! xoxo 👋

Alyssa 💕


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