hi, i'm like obsessed with stranger things, it's one of my favourite shows atm. i have already done one of these for riverdale so i am doing it again :)

just letting you know i know this stuff doesn't happen in stranger things, like some of the stories look it's pretty self explanatory. so ya.

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vintage, indie, mainstream, rock - mostly rock.


so basically, i would be the new girl like max in season 2, i would be nancy's new friend when barb's disappears or something. steve harrington would be my ex and since were kinda family friends because our families liked us together, i move in, in the spare room next to his. It's really awkward because we sort of still have feelings for each other but he likes nancy and my love interest is jonathan but nancy and him have feelings for eachother. He doesn't introduce me to nancy because he thinks that it would be awkward and weird, so we accidentally meet in biology. we'd basically get on like a house on fire. i would be smart like nancy and kind of an introvert, but a lowkey bad girl and used to be really cool like steve at my old school.

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i would have long brown hair, with olive skin, and have freckles - like to wear denim and black belts, mostly have my hair up in a ponytail and always have my special horse shoe necklace that my dad gave me. i would also have four piercings.


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my aesthetic would be a mix between vintage and golden hour


i would have a crush on jonathan which is why i would be kinda close with the byers family, so like me and will are pretty tight and like i would drive the boys to school sometimes. And i would babysit eleven sometimes and help tutor her etc. Jonathan and i would become friends in photography and basically bond over our love for photography, and my feelings for him progress throughout the show. Steve would obvi be my ex which is why we are kinda awkward around nancy. Nancy and i would be like friendship goals like betty and veronica. Steve and i got drunk at a party and hooked up and nancy would never know.

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hope you all like, feel free to copy this or something
thank you xoxo.