Hey guys!

I found this article and was really intrigued, so I wanted to give it a go.

1) If I were a Disney princess - RAPUNZEL

disney, rapunzel, and princess image disney, rapunzel, and tangled image
she is always wanting to explore and try new things and has a positive outlook on life.

2) If I were a place - BEACH

beach image beach, summer, and sunset image
it is one of my favorite places to be

3) If I were a flower - SUNFLOWER

flowers, sunflower, and yellow image
there is yellow that surrounds the pupil of my eye and some people have told me it looks like a sunflower

4) If I were an animal - PUPPY

bulldog, frenchie, and french bulldog image animal, dog, and cute image
dogs are known for their loyalty

5) If I were a food - BURGER

food, burger, and fries image
more specifically an in n out burger lol basically because I am a california girl all around haha

6) If I were a drink - WATER

starbucks, water, and drink image
this one I had no idea...water I guess because it is straight forward haha

7) If I were a quote - ..........

boy, girl, and love quotes image
yea sorry to get serious but this is is me in a quote haha

8) If I were a color - GREEN

green and summer image drink, lemon, and water image turtle, animal, and cute image food, watermelon, and fruit image
it is my favorite color

9) If I were an element - WATER

summer, waves, and sun image nature, waterfall, and green image fish, boat, and summer image ocean, sea, and blue image
basically because I go with the flow haha

10) If I were a season - SUMMER

beach, girl, and summer image
it is the best season for adventure!

this one was so much fun!

hope you guys enjoyed it!