hi,, recently i've been in love with grey's anatomy, so i decided to write about the character that i would be if i was in the series :)

grey's anatomy, izzie, and meredith image medicine image grey, yang, and stevens image aesthetic, hospital, and medicine image


aesthetic, brown, and brunette image girl, mirror, and vintage image art image quotes, care, and listen image
short brown hair, dark brown eyes and freckled skin. sensitive, caring, thoughtful and quirky are four traits to describe.


glasses, white, and aesthetic image shoes, boots, and brown image doctor who image aesthetic, david tennant, and doctor who image
a therapist working around the hospital; specializing in art therapy and working mostly with the patients who grieve loss. (( i don't like blood, so i would suck at being a surgeon ))

family and friends

grey's anatomy, Hot, and justin chambers image grey image funny, gif, and april kepner image anatomy, arizona, and robbins image
alex karev would be my "person"; so close it's considered family :p april and arizona are my two best friends when around the hospital.


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brown/minimalist aesthetic.

you're you, and that's enough