i have a huge ass playlist of songs that are for missing someone, so this is a part one. i put the playlist on shuffle and heres the ten songs it played:

somewhere only we know -keane

keane, somewhere only we know, and hopes and fears image paris, night, and aesthetic image
"this could be the end of everything"

home - gnash

aesthetics, cloud, and dark image blue, header, and aesthetic image
"one day we gon' all be back together again"

if i could fly - one direction

quotes, grunge, and one direction image aesthetic, blue, and sunset image
"if i could fly, i'd be coming right back home to you"

never be alone - shawn mendes

album, art, and handwritten image night, sky, and stars image
"take a piece of my heart and make it all your own so when we are apart, you'll never be alone."

something great - one direction

edit, Lyrics, and him image red, hearts, and aesthetic image
"i want you here with me like how i pictured it so i don't have to keep imagining."

all of the stars - ed sheeran

aesthetic, green, and Lyrics image aesthetic, music, and green image
"if you were here i'd sing to you."

beside you - 5 seconds of summer

beige image shadow, beige, and sun image
"she sleeps alone, my heart wants to come home. i wish i was, i wish i was, beside you."

half a heart - one direction

half a heart, 1d, and one direction image rain, light, and photography image
"i'm walking around with just one shoe, i'm half a heart without you."

i never told you - colbie caillat

colbie caillat, Lyrics, and miss you image aesthetic, theme, and city image
"i never told you what i should have said."

lonely again - gnash

again, broken, and feel image clouds and night image
"i'm lonely again. could you come hold me again?"