i am in love with the idea of my future wedding and decided to share it with you all. please enjoy and feel free to heart!

the color scheme

red, velvet, and aesthetic image blue, boat, and ocean image
the wedding color scheme will be a marsala red and a navy blue, with a hint of pink

the grooms & groomsmen

man, suit, and style image beautiful, fashion, and fashionable image
my groom will wear a navy blue suit along with his groomsmen & marsala bow ties

the bridesmaids

dress and wedding image amazing, besties, and bride image
my bridesmaids will all wear dresses in the marsala color with their bouquets.

the venue

flowers, garden, and green image brussels image
i want my wedding at a botanical flower garden

the bouquet

flowers, red, and roses image red, flowers, and wedding image
either a red and white or just plain red bouquet because i feel as though it's very bold and makes a statement

the ring

arabic, fashion, and girl image ring, nails, and diamond image
a ring that is either circle shaped or square shaped and with tons of karats!

the nails

beautiful, bursa, and girl image nails, art, and nail art image
blood red nails with om accent or color changes on separate nails

the hair

yellow, flowers, and smile image hair, beauty, and aesthetic image
natural hair that i can stick flowers in to accent it

the makeup

shay mitchell image girl, beauty, and hair image
a very natural look with a bold red lip

the shoes

shoes, fashion, and heels image fashion, shoes, and black image
either a nude heel or a simple black heel, neither too high though

the first dance song

feeling, finally, and freedom image home, let go, and lilac image
hold on, Drake, and we're going home image
im indecisive when it comes to what song i want for my wedding but my top 3 are; somebody like you- keith urban, say you won't let go- james arthur, or hold on we're going home- drake

the reception food

food, burger, and hamburger image food, fries, and sandwich image
burgers are my favorite thing in the world and i refuse to eat anything fancy

the wedding cake

cake and wedding image autumn, wedding, and cake image
i want a naked wedding cake because it is like a rustic vibe, which i love

the dress

dress, wedding, and wedding dress image dress, wedding, and white image wedding, couple, and wedding dress image dress, paris, and outfit image
the mermaid style dress is what i want to get married in and then switch to a more boho style dress for my recpetion so i can dance around

the honeymoon

sea, Greece, and summer image travel, summer, and Greece image
mykonos, greece

thank you so so much for taking time to read and hopefully enjoy my article! if you are interested in other things i have written you can find them linked below along with articles written by other WHI members that i adore.

have a beautiful day. :)