Why won't you love me?
Can't you see me reaching out?
I'm crying and pining for you
My tears are running out

When we are together,
I notice this look in your eyes
Like you want to say something
I ask you "what's wrong?"
But you cover it up with lies

I don't know why I hold on to you
Or why you hold on to me
I'm sick of feeling like a fool
Why won't you just tell me?

I'm tired of lying awake at night
Looking at the moon and asking all these "why's"?
Why won't you love me?
Why do you always leave me wondering?
Why is love so complicated?
Why do you lie when I ask about your feelings?


I'm back! Sorry for not writing anything for awhile. Life has been busy and I'm finally out of school for the summer so I will try to write more for you guys. Also, do any of you listen to 5 Seconds of Summer? The new album is incredible. This poem is inspired by their song "Why Won't You Love Me?" and it's one of my favorites. I hope you guys enjoy this and I love when you guys send me messages about anything. it could be a compliment on my poems or if you ever need to vent I'm here for you. Love you guys Xx