My school is a 1:1 device school, meaning everyone who goes there is provided a laptop through the school. I used this as an excuse to watch more movies, as I never really watched movies I hadn't seen before, and stuck to what was in theaters and old standbys. This past school year I managed to watch 22 movies that I had not seen from in 2017/18. This is the first half that will only focus on 2017. I will admit, I watched many of these during free periods or class, so a disclaimer, pay attention in class.

* = a personal favorite


angel, movie, and paul bettany image angel, movie, and paul bettany image
2010, dir. Scott Stewart, R

Donnie Darko*

donnie darko, quotes, and movie image donnie darko, sky, and movie image
2001, dir. Richard Kelly, R

The Prestige*

hugh jackman, Scarlett Johansson, and the prestige image christian bale, the prestige, and film image
2006, dir. Christopher Nolan, PG-13


Marvel, ant-man, and ant man image ant, Marvel, and superpower image
2015, dir. Peyton Reed, PG-13

Inglorious Basterds*

inglourious basterds, melanie laurent, and book image brad pitt, inglourious basterds, and inglorious basterds image
2009, dir. Quentin Tarantino, R


Mature image Constantine and keanu reeves image
2005, dir. Francis Lawrence, R

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Temporarily removed ryan gosling, samuel l jackson, and the hitmans bodyguard image
2017, dir. Patrick Hughes, R


Marvel, thor, and thor odinson image loki, thor, and tom hiddleston image
2011, dir. Kenneth Branagh, PG-13

Thor: The Dark World

thor, loki, and tom hiddleston image loki, tom hiddleston, and thor image
2013, dir. Alan Taylor, PG-13

Thor: Ragnarok*

loki, Marvel, and tom hiddleston image Avengers, Marvel, and thor image
2017, dir. Taika Waititi, PG-13

The Avengers

aesthetic, alternative, and arrows image Avengers image
2012, dir. Joss Whedon, PG-13

What We Do in the Shadows*

alternative, grunge, and photography image what we do in the shadows image
2014, dir. Taika Waititi & Jemaine Clement, R
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