here it is my bias that are 00' liners :)
i already made the 99' liners version of this list if you want to check it out!
credits to the hearters of the pics.

this compilation will be for girls and boys and it's not in order :) i hope u like it and enjoy it!

haechan / nct [127/dream] - eunbin / clc

kpop, nct, and nct 127 image aesthetic, elkie, and fashion image crystal clear, elkie, and girls image nct, haechan, and lee donghyuck image

sanha / astro - hyeyeon / gugudan

mv, astro, and maknae image hyeyeon and gugudan image hyeyeon, jellyfish entertainment, and gugudan image astro and sanha image

jinyoung / wanna one - sei / weki meki

asian, kpop, and jinyoung image sei, lq, and weki meki image sei, lq, and weki meki image handsome, visual, and jinyoung image

hyunjin / stray kids - yena / april

hyunjin and stray kids image april and yena image april, dancer, and rapper image kpop, stray kids, and hyunjin image

hwall / the boyz - xiyeon / pristin

korean, the boyz, and hyunjoon image xiyeon and pristin image xiyeon, pristin, and kpop image the boyz, hwall, and heo hyunjoon image

jeno / nct [dream] - lua / weki meki

nct, jeno, and kpop image idol, kpop, and lua image lua and weki meki image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

wooyeop / trcng - heejin - loona

brown hair, 티알씨엔지, and wooyeop image kpop, lq, and heejin image heejin, loona, and kpop image trcng, 티알씨엔지, and wooyeop image

chani / sf9 - shuhua / (g)i-idle

chani and sf9 image (g)i-dle, shuhua, and idle image idle, shuhua, and (g)i-dle image asian boy, chani, and kpop image

renjun / nct [dream] - gowon / loona

asian, boy, and chinese image gowon and yyxy image kpop, loona, and gowon image nct, renjun, and nct dream image

felix / stray kids - nancy / momoland

felix, kpop, and stray kids image Nancy and momoland image icon, lq, and kpop image felix, kpop, and stray kids image

here they are! :) remember it's nor in order
i'm already working in a 98' liners list :p
is your bias here? heart to let me know <3