hi everyone! today i'll be sharing with you my top 5 favorite boy groups in kpop. of course these are just MY personal preferences, please don't be offended if the group you love isn't in this list, especially since only 5 will be listed! there are a lot more groups i still love and appreciate, the list goes on and on :)

note: i only stan 4 groups (including 1 girl group) in total. if an ** appears next to a group name, it means i stan them (and you should, like, totally listen to them, or whatever).


gif, idols, and ์•„์ŠคํŠธ๋กœ image

SO. UNDERRATED. seriously. these boys are the most precious human beings ever. all of them are so sweet and cute and silly and talented and i could go on, really. each and every one of them are so unique and shine in their own ways. everything from their dance skills, vocals and rap to their top-notch acting and fan-service is all on point. it's extremely admirable how much they love each other and how much they love their fans. these boys deserve the world.

company: fantagio
members: jinjin, mj, eunwoo, moonbin, rocky, sanha
song recs: baby, crazy sexy cool, with you


Seventeen, dino, and DK image

if you were to ask for one of the most talented groups out there, i'd mention these boys, one-hundred percent. their vocals and rap are perfect and their dancing is INCREDIBLE. like. what the fuck. how thirteen boys can be so in-sync every single time they're on stage is beyond me. their performances are astounding. they never fail to put a smile on my face and they're all just one big family who grew up together, it's adorable.

company: pledis
members: s.coups, jeonghan, joshua, jun, hoshi, wonwoo, woozi, dk, mingyu, the8, seungkwan, vernon, dino
song recs: don't wanna cry, thanks, mansae, very nice, change up, trauma

3. IKON **

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ahhh ahsdjdjdj i can't even begin to explain in words how i love this group so much. they deserve so much more hype! i'm pretty sure everyone only recognizes bobby and perhaps b.i and that's it, which really sucks :( the great thing about ikon is that you just know you're going to have a good time with them. they're all just super fun-loving and absolutely crazy; the most incredible boys ever. i swear, they can be so stupid and foolish but they have big hearts and that's what i love about them. their music is SO SO SO good; they can produce the most emotional and heartbreaking songs but also pumped-up and lively ones, but no matter what they're about they're always bops. and they're all so damn attractive?? like what is this yg stereotype that all their artists are ugly bc i just don't see it. anyways, they're just so humble and unbelievably hard-working. please, give them love <3

company: yg
members: b.i, jay, song, bobby, dk, ju-ne, chan
song recs: love scenario, bling bling, rubber band, my type, anthem (honestly listen to the entire return - 2nd album it's amazing)

2. DAY6 **

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okay so. technically, i'm not entirely sure this counts bc they're a rock group?? but like, i love them so much, so?? i'm keeping them here?? anyways, the truth is: day6 are my babies. i am devoted to them until the end of time. honestly, they're just so great at what they do. all of their voices are so unique - they pierce your ears in the best way possible - and they're just absolute songwriting and producing geniuses. i'm never let down when they release new music. hearing them and seeing their beautiful faces makes my heart so happy. if you're going to stan any rock group i highly suggest these lovely kiddos :)

company: jyp
members: sungjin, jae, young k, wonpil, dowoon
song recs: i loved you, dance dance, when you love someone, hi hello, be lazy, i wait, congratulations, you were beautiful, i need somebody (this one's a masterpiece)

1. BTS **

gif, bts, and j-hope image

i mean,, what did you expect..?? kings, really. i'm not saying they're the kings of kpop (bc i don't really believe that), but i AM saying that they DESERVE to be where they are right now, with all the love they're receiving, all the awards and the attention and the worldwide admiration, they deserve every. last. bit of it. these babes worked hard and suffered tons to end up this way. with their meaningful lyrics and angelic voices and enjoyable performances, this is a group with the most kind-hearted boys you'll ever see. all they care about is doing what they love with the people they love and giving love to their fans. and that's all i could ask for in a group. i love them, they're the ult for me and it will most forever stay that way โ™กโ™กโ™ก

company: big hit
members: rm, jin, suga, j-hope, jimin, v, jungkook
song recs: spring day, magic shop, save me, fake love, blood sweat & tears, airplane pt.2, best of me, let go (jpn.), crystal snow (jpn.)