If you liked my Greek Mythology article this is a continuation. I'll start with the Olympians let me know if you'll enjoy reading this.


love and white image mermaid, girl, and fantasy image blonde curls, deviantart, and girl image love, couple, and art image
In her late teens not wasting any time for a passionate relationship to occur. A matchmaker among her friends. She has a strong calling to return to the sea where everything began. Her interests are makeup and modeling.


book, poetry, and vintage image little boy archer image boy, niclas gillis, and Hot image music, boy, and guitar image
Wise beyond his years only 13 years old now. A writer interested in singing about his own truth or giving honest advice to others. You can find him basking in the sunlight. Apollo and his twin sister, Artemis spend time together bonding about their dreams.


armor and war image Immortal, Hot, and daniel sharman image
He's 30 years old due to his fierce temper, he's used to violent fights. Therefore, he has decided to enlist in the military. Not the most likable guy, but you don't want to face him in a battle.


green, girl, and photography image stars, constellation, and sky image moon and black and white image book, books, and harry potter image
A loyal friend to hunters everywhere always frolicking around in nature. Being kind to her twin brother, Apollo they each encourage each other to pursue their passions. She is a thirteen-year-old girl drawn to the glow from the moon at night. She has a natural curiosity for the evening sky which is full of twinkling stars. One day maybe she will take up an interest in Astronomy...


makeup and beauty image balance, classy, and fancy image owl, bird, and animal image book, girl, and library image
\ In her mid 20's she has become a renowned scholar of the humanities. Sharing her knowledge with others hoping they will gain some wisdom she talks about battle strategy as well. On her own, she learns how to balance her life and appreciate everything around her!


greek, mythology, and harvest image fruit, apple, and vegetables image blue, daisy, and flowers image girl, flowers, and hair image
She will probably do something related to nature a gardener or a florist. In her mid 40's she makes time for her beloved daughter, Persephone.


louis garrel image autumn, wine, and bottle image ete, trip, and toscane image bar, cafe, and design image
A successful owner of a vineyard an expert wine taster as well. He helps out with running a bar to get to know other people. Going to parties occasionally.


boy, pale, and tumblr image love, couple, and boy image
Someday perhaps Persephone and Hades could try to get along. Persephone can show him the good in the world so he's not always doom and gloom.


boys, people, and sexy image boy, tattoo, and guy image art, artist, and watch image art, horse, and pegasus image
A famous 15-year-old craftsman who creates amazing metal sculptors and wood carvings. He is trying to find a relationship with someone new.


Image by naturelandscapelife animals, excellence, and peacock image wedding, couple, and bride image child, colors, and flowers image
To keep busy she is managing her own wedding planner company helping young or old happy couples. She hopes true love will fall into place along the way...


boy, skins, and mitch hewer image vintage, letters, and Letter image camera, photography, and vintage image bow and arrow, robin hood, and cody christian image
A modern-day Robin Hood at night he steals from the rich to help those less fortunate. Sometimes he writes letters bearing messages of good or bad news.


redhead image книги, девушка, and читающая девушка image baking, cook book, and floral image kitchen image
She prefers to stay in the comfort of her home where the fire is always lit. In her time there she bakes from homemade recipes. After, she masters cooking she is thinking about opening a vintage style bakery.


compass, map, and coins image goals, couples, and Relationship image boys, chico, and hair image sea, ship, and boat image
Poseidon and Amphitrite live on land watching waves as they crash and brewing storms. He often ponders a future where he is a sea captain sailing to distant unknown lands.


shadowhunters and matthew daddario image animals, bird, and eagle image city, storm, and lightning image books, percy jackson, and nico di angelo image
The oldest of his siblings living in New York City trying to enjoy being single. He can still be at their home, Olympus where he bosses everyone around.